Ryna Table

Sheeshamwood in its most beautiful form!

Design dreams are realized at the highest level - these furniture is not only a feast for the eye but also a feast for all haptic fans. Clear lines and shapes combined with a 3-dimensional surface design. Hand-cut elements and different types of shea-seed wood ensure depth and exciting coloring, contributing to the refinement and elegance of this all-round furniture collection.

The Ryna table are characterized by their clear shapes and the choice of materials, thus underscoring the natural charm of the exclusive pieces of furniture. The exposed legs and the natural finish make the furniture extra vital. Design meets exclusivity!

Material: Legs: Sheesham wood natural 30mm, table top: Sheesham wood veneer 20mm

Size: Table: 0.76 x 2.00 x 0.8 m (H / W / T)

Chair: 0.85 x 0.46 x 0.49 m (H / W / D)