Brighton Acacia Live edge Table

The wood with the elegant grain convinces with enormous resistance. Add to this the noble look and a wonderfully natural tone. Simply the perfect material for modern solid wood furniture! Acacia wood is not only hard and robust, it is also very flexible and can be worked well. 

The dining table is lacquered on the surface, but on the edges it is unctuous and irregular. This interplay makes the dining table a characteristic piece from our collection.

The table top is made of solid acacia wood. Each table is unique! 
Since it is a natural product, each table is unique and individual - that is characteristic and desired. Unevenness, existing knot holes or cracks caused by temperature, humidity and other influences are possible and produce originality and atmosphere. The plate is optimally dried and no further cracks can be expected at this thickness.

Material: Legs: metal chrome-plated, polished, panel: acacia wood open-pore clear lacquered for a clean surface.

Stay with character: 76 x 160 x 80 cm (H / L / W)  

Constant partner: approx. 100 kg

Thickness of table top: approx. 3,5 cm